Tuna in Cabo, the Boat Shows are Back, Free Ads and More…

by Mike and Lisa Danforth

February means different things to different people. Schoolies in Providence? Valentine’s Day? Winter vacation?

This winter vacation ranked among the best for us. We headed to Cabo with our good friends, Dave and Rosie, with Marlin on the mind. We had lined up one of the legendary captains of Cabo through Pisces charters and the fish were biting about 25 miles off-shore.

Well, man plans and God laughs. We never caught that Marlin, not a bill-fish nibble. But Mike totally scored. Just as we headed to the waters beyond Todos Santo on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico the word went up that the tuna bite was on nearby.

We couldn’t resist. The wallyhoo lures went on, lines went over the side, and within 10 minutes both Mike and Dave had pulled in two small bullets – about 10 lbs each. Lines went back in the water and BAM! Mike (with a game assist from Rosie to let him get a drink and bandage the rising blisters on his hands) was into something big. No. Bigger than big. The rod was bent double and the reel was screaming.

2 hours later he landed a gorgeous, 213 lb yellowfin tuna. The story is in process – awaiting some final details from our friends at Pisces – and we will bring it to you in the next issue. In the meantime, we had to share the awesome recipe for seared tuna (spoiler alert – the secret is butter) and look forward to sharing the full story next month.

Check out the recipe in this month’s Sea-to-Table on page 10. We were able to score delicious tuna steaks, and get them to a dockside restaurant within hours of the fish being caught. We ordered margaritas, and Mike shared the bounty with the whole restaurant.

A fiesta ensued. If you know Mike, this was to be expected.

And it’s boat show time! You’ll see us (along with Captain Jack Sprengle and other luminaries of the angling world) at the Providence Boat Show February 3-5. We hear it will be bigger and better than ever!

We are a little off as the New England Saltwater Fishing Show has moved to March 8, so we are feeling a bit bereft. But there is a silver lining. You have some extra time to get those ads in for the March issue which will usher in the season and be prominently featured at the Show.

And March is also the month we introduce our special advertising incentives for season 2017:

Six time (March – August) advertisers will receive a free ad in September and free banner advertising for the whole season on our website. These banners are usually $100 a pop so it is a great deal! Call us with any questions or for a proposal today! This offer is limited to the first 10 advertisers who sign up so don’t miss it!

See you at the Show!

by Mike and Lisa Danforth