Rio Ray Seaside

All Rio Ray hard-coated polarized lenses are made of the highest quality CR39 and contain nine layers of protection with 100 percent UV protection.

What Makes a Great Pair of Fishing Sunglasses?

Fishing is about being in the right place, at the right time, with the right gear. When it comes to sunglasses what separates a good pair from a great pair?

Dockside with the ChromaPop Blue Mirror

ChromaPop Blue Mirror lenses are designed for the serious offshore waterman seeking to cut glare in bright light conditions and maximize fish spotting.

Flying Fisherman’s Cay Sal Sunglasses

Cay Sal’s large wrap frame design combines hardcore functionality with stylish good looks that will have you covered on or off the water.

Evenlight Eagles Sunglass Lanyards

Produced using recycled fly line, these sunglass lanyards are not only functional and long lasting, they are environmentally correct.

Maui Jim Seven Pools

Discover a collection from Maui Jim that features the world’s clearest non-glass lenses in a frame technology that produces some of the lightest sunglasses.

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