Jupiter Inshore Fishing Report: May 2019

Lincoln with a tarpon.

By Craig Korczynski, Contributing Writer

Happy Mother’s Day to all you great mothers out there. May produces fantastic fishing for anglers and plenty of sunshine to enjoy the fun in the sun.

May produces great tarpon action as they begin cruising the beaches and inlets in search of their next meal. Pods of tarpon can be located along beach shorelines where anglers can present live baits, artificial lures or flies. DOA bait buster and DOA C.A.L. 5.5” jerk bait in pearl color are great lures. Tarpon range in size from 20 to 100 pounds.

Snook fishing in Palm Beach County heats up. Female snook will start to stage for the upcoming spawn. Snook can be seen cruising near sea walls, docks and along channel edges. Live baits like mullet and pilchards are a great choice. Artificial enthusiasts, DOA C.A.L. 4-inch jerk bait and DOA 5-inch swim bait on a 1/4-ounce jig head will get your drag screaming. Lingering by mullet schools are great areas to locate snook and present a top water bait.  Heddon Spooks worked over open flats and near heavy structure create explosive action. If you have never experienced top water action for snook, I recommend you try; there is nothing like it.

Romeo and his girls with a black drum

This month provides awesome black drum action. They will be on the prowl. Black drum can be found near sea walls and sand flats searching for any crustacean in their path. The best baits for drum are ones with plenty of scent; keep that in mind. DOA C.A.L. 3-inch shad in glow holographic on ¼ once jig head will work for the drum. DOA shrimp 3-inch in red gold glitter and glow and gold rush belly are a great choice when sight fishing drum.

Well that is the fishing forecast for May. I hope everybody enjoyed, now get out there and experience the thrill of drag screaming action.

Kathleen with a black drum

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