August 2018: Fishing with Shelley

Catch Photos
by Shelley Wigglesworth

Fish have been plentiful and there have been a variety of them here in the Maine waters both on and offshore! Lots of whale sightings too! A great indication of a healthy ocean! Here is a sampling of this summer’s catch and sightseeing on the ocean thus far!

Adam Fleming of Biddeford, Maine with a beauty of a striped bass.


Pollack caught onboard the F/V Nor’easter in June.


A nice halibut caught on a jig onboard the F/V Nor’easter in June.

Isaiah Smith of Norridgewood, Maine with a nice haddock caught on the F/V Nor’easter.


This swordfish was spotted while deep sea fishing on the Nor’easter last month.


Whale watching has been great while deep sea fishing on the F/V Nor’easter this year!




Shelley Wigglesworth is Maine native and award winning freelance journalist. In addition to her monthly feature in Coastal Angler, her work appears in various publications including  Maine Boats Homes and Harbors, National Fisherman, Commercial Fisheries News, Maine Lobstermen’s Association’s  Landings,  Yankee and The Village.  In the summer she is a mate on two boats-Captain John’s Charters and the F-V Nor’easter.