Bahamas Fishing Report & Forecast: January 2014

Kai Owen and Bronson Russell show what is in store for Abaco offshore fishing in January…enough said! PHOTO CREDIT: June Russell.
Kai Owen and Bronson Russell show what is in store for Abaco offshore fishing in January…enough said! PHOTO CREDIT: June Russell.

Grand Bahama

“So far the winter has been fairly mild,” according to Capt. Whitney Rolle of Firefly Bonefishing Lodge in East Grand Bahama “The average temperature has of course dropped and the water temperature is between 70 and 80 degrees. which is perfect for bone fishing the miles and miles of flats in the East Grand Bahama area. Typically at this time of year most of the larger bonefish will be cruising the flats as ‘singles’, or ‘doubles,’ not in large schools. These ‘singles’ and ‘doubles’ will easily be in the ten pound range.” The word from multiple soures on island in the West End area is that the wahoo bite is strong and will continue.


“We have spent the month of December getting acclimated to a fairly regular pattern of cold fronts”, reports Capt. Tony Bain from South Abaco Adventures in Sandy Point. “The water is cooling and mutton snapper are starting to invade the shallower waters. Bonefish numbers have been steady with a recent half day charter releasing seven bones. The lunar cycles are still triggering some spawning activity but we are seeing smaller schools on the flats. As the water temperatures cool, the flats will become less active with single permit and bonefish however the fish are still around in fair numbers. We are seeing an influx of barracuda and sharks to the flats during the next few months.”


“The wahoo bite is in full swing during the month of January and February”, shared Capt. Teddy Pratt of Reel Deal Charters. “As the cold fronts continue to push further through the Central Bahamas, they will continue to bring the wahoo into our waters, especially the bigger ones. The bite has been great so far with a fair number of fish up to 70 pounds. Of course, at this time of the year you will have the regular ‘cudas and kingfish. There will be plenty of rod bending action. The ledges is where you want to be trolling for the best bite. Those drop-offs are where the pelagic specie come to feed.”

Berry Islands

Herbie Dean, Harbour Master for Great Harbour Cay had this to say, “Fishing around the Northern Bahamas and Berry Islands during January is nothing short of ‘hot’. The most highly targeted species of course are wahoo and dolphin. The wahoo fishing has been excellent over the last several weeks of December and will definitely continue through January. We know that many anglers do not like to share their secret spots. however, the famous Pocket and Wahoo Point have given the best reported catches for the month so far.”


“It’s now time to break out the big stuff!” is the word from Capt. Doug Rowe of Fish Rowe Charters. “We are already hearing of large wahoo being caught off Highbourne Cay. Consistent reports of fish to 70 pounds are being regularly caught. Good sized wahoo are in fact being caught throughout the Exuma Cays. January and February are the prime months for this action. During the last week of December we caught our share of several wahoo to 60 pounds. Mahi-mahi are also arriving. Fishing the wall will be your best bet this month.”

 North Eleuthera

Capt. Ryan Neilly from Spanish Wells reports, “Red and black snapper will be among the top targeted bottom species during the month of January in the North Eleuthera area. These particular snapper species can typically be caught in waters ranging from 200 to 600 feet. Best bait choice is cut calamari. Another two species dominating this area will be wahoo and yellowfin tuna, which can be caught with trolling dead ballyhoo, lures or live bait. These fish can generally be caught at Middle Bar, Shallow Ground and Pinnacle Points. Mutton snapper will also be biting nicely in January. Look for them in depths of 20 to 60 feet.”

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