Association of Bahamas Marinas Launches On-Line Booking Engine and Reservations Call Center For Member Resorts and Marinas

New “one stop shop” reservations for Bahamas travel plus the latest marine technology to connect cruisers with marinas throughout The Bahamas online or via mobile app.

The Islands of The Bahamas have extended their market reach while simplifying the process of locating a marina and making slip reservations, with the introduction of the Association of Bahamas Marinas (ABM) new reservations office and website booking engine.

ABM’s new website leverages technology throughout the site to simplify the process of locating and reserving at marinas throughout the islands, including the integration of Dockwa, which allows boaters to submit reservation requests directly to marina staff via the dual-sided software. Marinas confirm reservation requests on their end with a single click via smartphone, computer, tablet. Boaters are automatically notified and securely billed when their reservation requests are approved, and the marinas’ reservation books are updated.

In addition to the booking engine, the ABM has a dedicated call center, which responds to requests for information or reservations that come in by telephone (toll-free: 844-556-5290, or U.S.: 954-462-4591), or email The call center is a ‘one stop shop’ for travelers to The Bahamas with the ability to make slip and hotel reservations at all of the 29-member properties, as well as flight reservations for those not traveling by boat, with just one phone call.

ABM President, Stephen Kappeler, described the new facility as “A leap forward for boating to The Bahamas. While we’re close and relatively easy to reach from points in the southeast, it now becomes a simple, secure procedure to identify your marina destination and make your reservation. We also expect to achieve greater market penetration using the on-line tools we have developed. In addition to our web site, the ABM is now very active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We’re easy to find and, if you’re an avid boater, chances we’ll find you.”

Dockwa co-founder and CEO Mike Melillo looks forward to improving the boating experience in The Bahamas via this partnership with ABM. “The Association of Bahamas Marinas is at the forefront of making new technology accessible to their partners. Boaters familiar with cruising these islands will be pleasantly surprised when they are able to seamlessly reserve their slips and moorings online or with the free Dockwa app.”

For ABM partner marinas, Dockwa’s marina management software streamlines the reservation process. Dockwa not only expands a marina’s marketing reach and provides a better customer experience, it also increases operational efficiency and frees up time for marina staff.

By incorporating Dockwa’s reservation platform into the ABM website, boaters can explore their options in the Bahamian archipelago – on eight islands of which the ABM has members – and request a slip or mooring, all from a mobile device.