Big Snook Rising Like Little Trout

Client Stephen Kost is from Florida’s west coast, but he spends quite a few days fishing with me throughout the year. He enjoyed his day on the water! Photo credit: Capt. Michael Mauri.
Water Turbidity
Stephen’s catch was successfully released to make another angler happy on another day. This shot shows the turbidity of the water at that location. Photo credit: Capt. Michael Mauri.

This month I want to share a charter I had a couple of weeks ago.

We started the day morning fishing on a very good outgoing tide. The weather was perfect with a little bit of wind, but the water was very dark brown from the run-off and tons of sargassum.

I ran to a few different spots but just couldn’t find the right one. No bait, nothing and we only had two hours left on some of my favorite spots before low tide.

I finally found some active fish on a spot I did not expect. The water was even darker with more sargassum and intense clouds of sand but what I found blew my mind! In between the sargassum and the super muddy and sandy water there were big snook rising like little trout sipping super small bait. What an incredible scenario! These fish came up right next to the boat, just unbelievable!

My client, Stephen, was doing a really good job serving up the fly but it was like a needle in a haystack. I kept moving the boat inch by inch into that spot and finally found the Holy Grail. A few square feet along a current seam where the water was just a smidge less dirty. I told Stephen to put his fly in there without any slack in his line and he nailed it. As soon as his fly hit the water a big snook took it and we could see everything, how amazing!


  • Never trust in what you think you know – every day can be different.
  • A great fisherman can adapt quickly to a new situation
  • Keep in mind, finding the right spot at the right time is the key to success, even if it is only a few square feet.

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