Biggest Tarpon Ever Caught?

Most fishermen dream of catching a world record-sized fish, especially a world record tarpon! In this episode of BlacktipH, we travel to Bahia Solano, Colombia, to fish the sardine migration along the coast of the Baudó Mountains. Shortly after Josh released his first-ever roosterfish, he hooks the biggest tarpon that we had ever seen! This fish was massive! Josh, Alberto Meija, and Dr. Robert Borrego battled this behemoth for nearly two hours before the fish gave up. After quickly taking a photo of the monster fish, we released it back into the ocean. At first, we thought this fish weighed around 250lbs, but after looking at pictures of other record-sized tarpon on Google, we started to believe that our fish was a world record! I called Billy Delph from Delph Fishing and Raymond Douglas from King Sailfish Mounts to validate our catch. Both men agreed that this fish must have weighed over 300lbs and thus breaking the world record! The estimated weight using the Bonefish Tarpon Trust Tarpon Weight Calculator was 312lbs.

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