SHE, WHO FISHES: Believing that you can, breaking boundaries, it is all the little steps!

Hobie Pro Angler Christina releases a nice redfish. Photo courtesy of Christina Weber.

March is Women’s History Month and in honor of the ladies I want to spoil you. I want to inspire small achievements with boundaries to be broken. I want to break down my process to show that anyone can conquer it. You have what it takes; sometimes you just need someone to show you. Fishing can be very overwhelming and there’s honestly so much to learn. Following a few simple steps will really help you break out and start fishing like you’ve been wanting to.

Something I run in to daily is how did I build a fishing career. How do I do it alone? I think sometimes my fearless heart might under play how scared I really am. I’ve talked about the truths we as ladies face in tournament fishing. I’ve talked about getting out on the water on your own and how to do it safely. I’m going to revisit some of those lessons. Remind us all there’s bravery buried deep inside.

Step one is simply believing that you can. I know it always sounds much easier than the broke down process. In today’s world, I truly feel that opportunity is much easier presented if you’re willing to look. As long as you can believe in yourself then you’ll always find a way. I’m on the water at weird hours, weird ramps, weird places and not a second of it doesn’t scare me. It’s the experience and confidence that I’ve built over years that allows me to make it look easy. You need to allow yourself to feel vulnerable in those areas so you can learn. Get out with folks that make you feel comfortable, those who will teach you something. Take it slow, there’s no reason to rush around.

Step two, write it down. What are the things you want to learn or improve on? Fishing is constantly changing and evolving. There’s no right or wrong way to do anything. Especially when you’re living in a state where we have more species than we know what to do with. If you start to log your questions and concerns this makes it much easier to accomplish. There’s no forgetting or wondering, especially if you attend a last minute seminar.

Step three, which is the second most important step, get out and fish. You cannot immerse yourself without great sacrifice. Without pushing yourself and dragging yourself out of the house. Excuses are easy, but excusing those excuses is not. Having a good day casting and learning doesn’t take a professional. Everyone has to start somewhere someday. There’s no better time than now. You can always start by walking the beach to slowly build confidence. You can sit in front of the television and tie knots.

It’s all the little steps that bring me where I’m at. I don’t know everything and I don’t have all the answers. I get out there and scare myself, ask questions, allow myself to be vulnerable and fish my heart out. Don’t not try though because it’s tough. That’s what this month represents. Women making bold brave changes.

Christina Weber is a born and raised South Florida fisherman utilizing the fishing capital to the full extent. For her, kayak fishing happened by accident when she wanted to venture into  uncharted waters that she couldn’t reach by motor boat. Over time, she realized that a kayak could take her anywhere, and fish freshwater, saltwater, inshore and offshore all from her Hobie Outback. Christina has been competing in tournaments for over 10 years. For more on Christina, visit