Five Boat Trailer “Quick Tips”

By Frank Ferry, C & H Trailer, Stuart, FL

Towing a boat is a huge responsibility. Here are five “quick tips” to make sure that you do it safely.

  1. Check tire pressure make sure it’s at the recommended PSI.
  2. Check for wear, feel the tread around the tire surface on the inside and the outside for any cupping.
  3. Make an attempt to wiggle or move the top of the tire in and out by grabbing it at the points of 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock, and pull then push to feel for movement. This will tell you if the bearings are tight or need service.
  4. Lights. Plug the trailer into your vehicle, check your lights by turning on your four -way flashers and your headlights. If you have a bad bulb, address it. If you have no lights, bring the trailer in to be serviced,
  5. Winch. Please be sure your strap or cable are in good condition. This could be the difference of a good day versus a very bad one. Personally, I prefer straps; they are much less likely to cause injury if they break.