Fly fishing summer vibes

Markus Kemmer from Germany with a nice albie. Photo credit: Capt. Michael Mauri.

By Capt. Michael Mauri

There are few things that get me more excited and happy in the morning than leaving the inlet and scouting the beaches. You never know what your going to find and if it’s nothing then you make a quick run a little bit further out offshore.

Sight fly fishing is the game and I don’t know one serious fly guy or gal who is not getting fired up when a school of tarpon, cruising snook on the beach, jacks, albies or mackerel show up.

For quick handling and the ability to get the fly out NOW, not in 10-seconds, I carry an 8, 10 and 12-weight rod in the boat. All rigged with a floating, intermediate and fast sinking lines. These are nine rods ready to go which makes it very efficient when it comes to getting the fly quick in front of the fish. Finding fish and being ready and getting the fly in front of them is a big part of having success and many times it can make or break a catch.

For this reason, I carry a leaf bucket, which I got at Home Depot for a few bucks. Depending on the situation, pick one rod, cast line out as far as possible and strip the line in the bucket. Secure the fly on the rod and put it in the bucket and now it’s set and you will be able to act fast.

When it comes to casting, try to remember not to drop the tip in your back cast and a good double haul. Double hauling gets your fly out fast and far! Line speed and a good turnover, means to get the leader straight out is way more efficient through your line hand instead of your rod hand.

Enjoy the summer and get out there and fish! Our paradise is hurt with all the toxic discharges, but it is still the place to be and enjoy life! Stand up and fight for our Lagoon, our fishery! Please take a minute and check out

God bless America!

The Fly Fishing Column is written by Capt. Michael Mauri,,, (772) 485-3321.