FLY FISHNG CORNER: Christmas List 2020

Mark with a nice Stuart snook. Photo credit: Capt. Michael Mauri.

Is Santa Claus a fly or bait guy, is he keeping the fish or more on the catch and release side? Questions over questions which cramp my brain since childhood.

I’ve never found the answer, but I can at least help you to find answers that will make your fly-fishing life easier. Here they are!

Q: One of the most common questions to answer is “What is the best rod and line combination for our fishery here on the Treasure Coast”?

A: TFO Signature 2 in 8wt. 2pc with a Scientific Angler Redfish fly line warm floating in 9wt. Super smooth and easy to cast for all skill levels and boy did we land big with that rod! 

Q: What is the best fly reel for your day-to-day work as a fly-fishing guide?

A: In my opinion, Nautilus fly reels. Made in Miami, super solid and reliable. They are not the cheapest, but they are certainly not overpriced for their quality.

Q: What is the best UV epoxy for fly tying?

A: Solarez. It’s that simple and my friend Bob Clouser changed my life with hooking me up with it.

Q: Best trolling motor?

A: For me it’s the Minnkota, but not because of the trolling motor, instead it’s the excellent service I receive from Master Repair (here in Stuart) with Mike and his team, who keep me going on the water.

It should be easy for you to Google all these items and if you have any questions please feel free and send me an email:

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all the best for 2021.

The Fly Fishing Column is written by Capt. Michael Mauri,,, (772) 485-3321.

2020…a tough but successful year! Happy Holidays and all the best in the New Year from Capt. Michael! Photo credit: Capt. Michael Mauri.