Fort Pierce Deep Sea: Aug. 2020

Andre vouches that the summertime snapper bite is on fire! Photo credit: Lady Chris Charters.

Goodbye July, hello August!

To catch the big one when deep sea fishing out of Fort Pierce, anglers must be ready and willing to endure the unrelenting August sunshine. Promises of slob -size catches of grey and mutton snapper, mahi, king mackerel, cobia, grouper served with a side of lobster will provide the needed motivation to endure the high-summer heat.

Bounteous baitfish and turtle hatchlings promise that the snapper bite will stay red hot, with a wide variety of brawny snappers peeling line off reels all throughout August.

Thermoclines, or cold water upwellings, will play a part in the fishing scheme toward the end of summer, causing changes in the bottom fishing bite. These upwellings of highly nutrient water poses both positive and negative effects.

The positive is that the cold water pushes the cobia to the surface, which is for great targeting and catching these magnificent fish. The opposite is true for the snapper bite. The cold water can cause snappers to exhibit a “lock jaw” type attitude and chase them off their home reef in search of warmer habitats. Thankfully, we have learned a few tricks over the years to entice the snappers to bite. Live bait is a treat that even the most frigid snapper can’t resist, so rig your sabiki and pack your cast net!

Taking all things into consideration, August will be a filled with great catches. Safety is key as social distancing has increased boat traffic on our waters, docks, and ramps, as many of us are taking advantage of our boats for the first time in a long time.

In addition, lobster season draws in many crustacean crazed divers, so keep a close eye out for dive flags. Take some time to brush up on the General Boating Rules, check the forecast, remember to hydrate yourself as the intense sun and heat can drain you both mentally and physically.

For those who wish to cast of without a hassle, we welcome you on board The Lady Chris to enjoy some of the best fishing on the Treasure Coast!

Tight lines and good vibes!

FORECAST BY: Capt. Cole Hazellief 
Lady Chris Charters 
(772) 971-7179