Ft. Pierce Deep Sea: Feb. 2022

The shortest month of the year will be packed with rod bending action along the Treasure Coast. Snapper, cobia, and king mackerel will be topping the charts with sailfish and mahi making guest appearances in February.

Keep an eye on the weather and get ready to cast off and to reel in some nice lane snappers. Shrimp and crab are the main diet of lane snapper, and we recommend dropping in with some live bait around reefs and bottom structures. We have been filling our coolers all winter long and expect the fishing to remain hot.

King mackerel will be making their presence known with aggressive hits and reel melting runs. Rig up a 20-wide reel with nice ballyhoo or a bright lure and run a slow troll along the coast. Remember to add a heavy-duty leader so you don’t lose your chance to land the big one!

Cobia on call – as they will be bobbing among the darting mackerel at the water’s surface. Use a medium pitch rod with a light-weight jig or a circle hook and cast in front of the cruising cobias. Cobia feed mainly on small fish and crabs floating in the current, and they will take the bait from the top – just make sure not to land your bait too close, and that you have enough backbone to reel in these feisty brunettes.

February will provide for some good fishing and the Shock Leader is locked-and-loaded for some tail chasing action. Mark your calendar for Valentine’s Day February 14th leading into the full moon on the 16th and call us and we’ll take you to our favorite honey-holes.

Don’t have a group of six anglers? Don’t fret, send us a text or call for information on how to join our growing split trip group and meet some new fishing friends.

Tight lines and good vibes!

FORECAST BY: Capt. Cole Hazellief and Crew
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