Fort Pierce Deep Sea: January 2020

Bring your favorite fishing buddy and fill the fish box with tasty treats all January long. Photo credit: Lady Chris Charters.

Welcome 2020! We are looking forward to the New Year and new catches. January will offer an array of great catches and the Treasure Coast reefs will be harboring schools of delicious snapper, making bottom fishing to the top of our New Year’s Resolutions list. These pelagic pals will continue to be active and offer some fun runs and acrobatic displays throughout January.

The snapper bite has been on fire all winter long and will continue to stay blazing hot! Ring in the new year 2020 and best your record. Large size lane, mutton, grey, yellowtail, and vermillion snapper will be ready to bite the bait and to fill our fish boxes, along with a few other reef species, such as triggerfish and black sea bass.

Got smoke fish on your mind? Fresh catches of Spanish and king mackerel along with cobia will make for delicious smoky appetizers. These darting delights will be seen shooting from the waters left and right and set your reel on fire!

The cold fronts will produce cooler water temperatures which will get the reef and pelagic species moving. All of the action will be going on while we deal with shorter days and the winter-time weather patterns. As long as the winds stay calm, 2020 will start off with great catches!  Remember to stay safe, have fun and keep an eye out for other boaters and quickly changing weather systems. Gear up, call us, and let’s head out to claim your New Year’s trophy!

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who has come out with us in 2019! We are excited to see what 2020 has in store for us!

Tight lines and good vibes!

FORECAST BY: Capt. Cole Hazellief 
Lady Chris Charters 
(772) 971-7179

Friends who fish together, stay together and stack the fish high together. Great snapper catches will continue through the month. Photo credit: Lady Chris Charters.
“High Hook” Pat is looking forward to fishable days in January and his next trophy catch. Photo credit: Lady Chris Charters.