Fort Pierce Deep Sea: March 2022

Migratory March delivers cobia and mahi madness to the Treasure Coast!

The waters off the Treasure Coast are warming up and the Shock Leader is hot in the offshore fishing game!

After a record month of cooler bursting catches of snappers, the migratory fish are now moving in closer to shore following the bait fish that are schooling in the warm waters. Consequently, March promises a great opportunity to set a personal best or even a state record for cobia or tripletail, and a good chance for a reel in big mahi-mahi’s.

Cobia are aggressive and will take almost anything presented in front of them but prefer a tasty crab or topwater bait. Once a pod pops up, be prepared to cast your bait in front of the cobia and watch it get crushed! Cobia pull like locomotives and can easily spool you unless you are prepared for a heavy-weight fight. Oh, and the current state record sits at 130 pounds!

The “three-legged-dog” of the sea, tripletail, can be found inshore, nearshore and in the offshore waters along the Treasure Coast. On the Shock Leader we like to sight fish for tripletails “floating” near weed lines, crab traps, channel markers and other structure while heading to our snapper grounds. Rig up spinning tackle with a live shrimp and a small circle hook and cast toward the sleepy looking three-finned fish. Once hooked up, your northern friends will be dumbfounded by its strange looks and blown away by its fantastic flavor!

Mahi-mahi are on the move, streaking by in golden green flashes chasing flying fish, snapping up crabs, and small fish at the top of the water column. The Shock Leader is locked and loaded for reeling in mahis with an irresistible spread of trolling baits and rigs. Keep your trigger finger on the drag and wait for the reels to scream into action once a bull mahi takes the bait. It is an experience you will never forget!

March can be unpredictable in ways of winds and weather, so play it safe and book a trip on the Shock Leader for dry ride and phenomenal deep-sea fishing every day of the month. We look forward to seeing you all out there!

Tight lines and good vibes!

FORECAST BY: Capt. Cole Hazellief and Crew
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