Fort Pierce Deep Sea: Oct. 2020

Lady angler Tammy is looking forward to more catches like this 11-pound mutton snapper. Photo credit: Lady Chris Charters.

October opportunities!

October is a month of transition in Florida, the weather will be cooling down, the days are getting shorter and big weather systems are showing up on the radar.

October proves the presence of large ground swells and king tides, and these big movements in the ocean provide for good prospects to catch big fish. As temperatures fall the pelagic predators will be on the move, and the snappers will be hiding on the reefs.

August fishing left us with an incredible number of short mutton snappers. These adolescent muttons will be grown up by now and the local reefs will be a great place to drop-in on the muttons, as well as their grumpy grouper neighbors. If the reef turns cold, check out the weather buoys and markers, or cruise along the shallows and look for bottom structures, flotsam, and bait balls.

Remember to keep your favorite pitch-rod within arm’s reach as the occasional cobia may swim by. When you get the chance, pitch a jig toward the dark figure, work the line, and have your gaff ready – ‘cause the cobia will not land on deck without a big brawl.

The king mackerel will also be in action with their ferocious strike. Kings are not picky eaters and will take a bait anywhere from the surface all the down to the bottom of the water column. Bleed the kings before putting them on ice, get the smoker going and make some savory fish dip!

With the hurricane season in full effect and days getting shorter, stay ship-shape and focus on safety. Keep a close eye on weather reports and small craft advisories, make sure running lights are working, and take advantage of weather windows.

If you need a ride out to the great blue yonder, The Lady Chris will get you out there in comfort and good company. Bring your lucky hat, and we’ll make sure you can land some of the fall-time favorites!

Tight lines and good vibes.

FORECAST BY: Capt. Cole Hazellief 
Lady Chris Charters 
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