Fort Pierce Deep Sea: Sept. 2020

Lady Angler Sue Kuderna taking advantage to the influx of kingfish during these warm summer months. Photo credit: Lady Chris Charters.

September to remember!

Deep sea fishing in Fort Pierce is incredible. The turquoise waters of the Gulf Stream, bright sunshine, and boxes brimming with snappers on ice is a fisherman’s utopia, from the bottom to the top!

Snappalanche! September is the best time to claim your Snapper Slam as the various snapper species reach peak activity. Reds are maxed, but grey, mutton, lanes, yellowtail and vermillion snapper will be caught, filleted and grilled with a side of butter and lemon.

With the mullet run in full effect, sailfish, snapper, grouper, wahoo, mahi, kings, and cobia will be caught on the Treasure Coast in September. With so much action all over the water column, it’s hard not to get giddy about heading offshore.

On the top, we’ll see some of the biggest predators and…sharks! These ruthless tax collectors can, and will, try the patience of anglers without a care. However, there is a silver lining and it is riding shotgun with the taxman, cobias! They will be swimming right behind the shark, and you pick one off the sharks back using a casting rod and jig.

On the bottom, the main focus will be on reeling in some nice sized mangrove and mutton snappers. And when targeting the snappers, don’t forget the groupers holed up a few feet below and add a rod with enough backbone to brawl with a mean one. A reel loaded with 20-to-30-pound mono, 110-pound leader, and 8/0 circle-hooks will give you a slim advantage when hooked up to the heavyweight off the reef.

The high quality and quantity of snapper will be steady and coincides with the fall mullet run. The massive congregation of mullet on the Treasure Coast happens like clockwork and helps bring September to an all-around salty success. This “run” is a spectacular sight as the ocean comes alive, teeming with wildlife and bait piled high from the beaches to the river. So, grab your gear, and get out there!

Remember to stay safe, have fun and keep an eye on weather systems as we are transitioning into hurricane season. Gear up, call us and let’s head out for the Snapper Slam in September!

Tight lines and good vibes!

FORECAST BY: Capt. Cole Hazellief
Lady Chris Charters
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