Fort Pierce Inshore: March 2022

I can’t believe it’s March already. It feels like two weeks ago was December. We should see the water temps climb to the high 70s this month with the warmer weather. March is typically windy but using the wind to your advantage can provide you with some great opportunities throughout the month.

The channel edges will have quite a few drum, sheepshead, and snapper. Live shrimp, FishBites, or shrimp tipped jigs will keep the rods bent most of the day. Look for the snook fishing to pick up in the shallow water this month. My two favorite top water lures are Zara Spooks or Rapala Skitterwalks for snook. Most days I will utilize topwater until about an hour after daybreak then switch to live bait or soft plastics. The docks and spoil island points with good current break will hold a few fish.

Pompano are still in the river and making a good appearance along the surf as well. Working the deeper drop offs with Doc’s Goofy Jigs, sand fleas, or shrimp are all good ways to target pompano. Out in the surf you will have quite a bit tasty bycatch such as croakers, whiting, and the occasional permit. This is prime time for the spinner and black tip shark migration through the Treasure Coast. If you do target them from land, remember that you now need to take a quick course on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s website and get the Shore-Based Shark Fishing Permit. I like to target them with topwaters or spoons.  I am not a big fan of handling sharks so I replace all treble hooks with in-line single hooks and file the barbs down, making the hook removal process very quick and easy.

Aside from a couple of cold fronts, winter wasn’t so bad this year. With summer right around the corner, take some time on these windy days to do some basic maintenance. Checking all your wire connections, pumps, navigation lights, and safety gear will give you peace of mind when heading out throughout the year. The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” should resonate through the boating community.

FORECAST BY: Capt. Adam White
(609) 820-6257

Rand with a nice shallow water snook caught on a live pilchard. Photo credit: Capt. Adam White.