From the Land: January 2020

This gentleman found out quickly just how much fun catching seatrout is. The D.O.A. Shrimp got the job done on this beautiful seatrout. This time of year, you have to fish “slow and low”. Photo credit: Jayson Arman

For the land-based angler, January means good seatrout fishing. Wade fishing is always something I like to do when the weather cools down. Seatrout will school up in big numbers. Throwing Bass Assassin sea shads is the ticket. Covering a lot of water and trying to figure out where the schools are located can be the most difficult part. But when you find them it normally it means “GAME ON”, you don’t have to move any further.

Sometimes on the cooler days switching to a live shrimp or an artificial D.O.A. Shrimp is what you will have to do to get bites. Spanish mackerel is also normally a targeted species around your jetties and bridges. They will hit several different things from small flash minnows to live shrimp. It is also very important that you take advantage of the migratory fish patterns that will take place this time of year. You could be at the jetty catching blues and mackerel one day and the very next day could be flounder and redfish. Always be prepared for several different situations. Also keep in mind if it is too windy or too rough to get out in the river you always can get a good thump from a largemouth bass.

January can be excellent freshwater fishing. You don’t have to worry about it getting hot and the fish going deep this is literally something you can do all day long and be productive.

Until next month report, that’s R-Man over and out.

FORECAST BY: Jayson Arman
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