From the Shore: Jan 2021

Anthony Taddeo with a solid black tip shark. During the migration, this shark ate a cut mullet head. Photo credit: Jayson Arman.

January’s fishing forecast can involve some northern species. Bluefish, pompano and black tip sharks will be just some of the migratory fish that show up during this time of year.  Targeting some of these fish will involve having the right tackle. A 12-foot surf rod will be very important. Some days the fish will be a far distance off of the beach, so having a longer rod will help with casting.

Whenever I plan a trip to the beach, I normally have a fishing cart called Seamule. This can make your day enjoyable or miserable by just having the right cart. I’m normally loading up my Seamule with several different rods. Casting rods for bluefish, mackerel, jacks, ladyfish and whatever comes our way and also having my longer surf rods for pompano, whiting and sharks.

Make sure you go to the FWC web page ( and sign up for a shark permit (must be renewed annually) if you plan on fishing for these fish during the migratory months.

River fishing for seatrout, redfish and flounder will definitely be something I am focusing on during this time of year.  Some of the cooler days will make the fish school up and some of the warmer days will make them spread out. This is the easiest way to understand what the fish are going to do during this time of year.

I like using live shrimp and artificial shrimp this time of year. Fishing the flats, bridges or jetties will get you bites with live or artificial shrimp. On the flats, I like using them with a popping cork or a small pinch weight. At the jetties and bridges, I like using them on a jig head, ¼ ounce to ⅜ ounce, with 30-pound leader. A light to medium action rod will help you casting a smaller bait.

I also find myself doing some bass fishing during this time of year. Walking some of the canals with spinner baits, crank baits and small finesse style jerk baits will get you bites in the freshwater.

Don’t forget to always have fun and try to learn something on the water That’s R Man, over and out.

FORECAST BY: Jayson Arman
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