From the Shore: Nov. 2020

Chris with a very nice sea trout on a topwater lure. Early morning overcast skies can be prime time for topwater fishing. Photo credit: Jayson Arman.

November means it’s time for some cool fronts. The mullet run will normally end around this time of year. The fish patterns will be changing as the season is changing.

Live shrimp and smaller bait fish will be what the fish want to eat.  I normally change up where I’m fishing and how I’m fishing during this time. November can be a transition month some days will be warm and some days it will be cool. On the warmer days, fish will know what to do because they are coming out of a warm time of year. But when it cools off that is the season change that can trigger them to act very differently. Until the weather gets stable fishing will not be stable.  What this means is trying to focus on going fishing as cooler temperatures are approaching.

Beach fishing can be very good as these cooler temperatures approach. We will have migratory fish starting to show up as these cool fronts push down the coast.  Beach fishing for pompano, bluefish, mackerel and the other species will be some of the fish that are coming down the coast. Using a double hook beach rig with Fish Bites and clam or shrimp combinations will be the way to go.  Having a top water plug and a silver spoon will get you some good action if the bluefish and mackerel are there.

Moving into the river there should still be mullet around and you will have some great top water action for big gator sea trout and you will also start seeing a good number of red fish showing up.

November and December are months I like to target flounder but understanding how to do this from land can be very difficult.  You will have small windows to hit various locations during the time when the tide is not moving very fast.  Using small bait fish on a bottom rig or a shrimp on a jig head 3/8-ounce jig head is what I prefer around jetties and bridges 1/4-ounce around docks and shoreline flats.  Good luck on your next adventure That’s R-Man over and out.

FORECAST BY: Jayson Arman
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