From the Shore: Sept. 2020

Brian Sakowski with a Treasure Coast 40-inch snook. The fish was caught using a swimbait. It was safely released and as you can tell in the photo, always support the fish’s underside. Photo credit: Jayson Arman.

September means snook season is on the east coast of Florida. You are required to have a snook stamp if you plan on keeping one and they have to be between 28- to 32-inches. One fish per person per day. When measuring the fish, don’t forget to pinch the tail. Snook fishing will be hot around schools of mullet coming through the inlets.  Also look for these schools on the beaches September can be a little bit early for the main migration September and October are normally some of the most insane months of fishing.

Snook tarpon, sharks, jacks, everything will be getting in on the action. Once the mullet run pushes in the river, mayhem will begin. The bait will come down the flat and snook, big seatrout, redfish and big jacks will be crushing them.  Also look for action at local bridges.

Around your inlets, fish will be stacked up on shadow lines ambushing the bait as it comes through. In all these different scenarios you will want to approach them differently with different rods and reels and different artificial lures.  On the flats I like having a 7-foot 6-inch Tsunami Carbon Shield Rod with a 4000 Shield Reel. At the bridges, I like having a medium action rod like a Tsunami Air Wave Rod with an Evict 4000. And at the beach, it is a must to have a sealed reel like the Tsunami Salt X 4000 and 6000 size reels.  Having the right weapon when targeting some of these very large fish from land will help increase your odds of landing a fish of a lifetime or a losing a fish of a lifetime.

When it comes to what to throw for lures, the list doesn’t have to be as long as you think.  I approach almost every scenario with a top, middle and bottom water lure. No live bait needed. Swimbaits are a great option for the beach and bridges. Savage Gear Mullet in the 6-inch Line Thru Mullet. Top water options are 4-inch LIVETARGET® Mullet and a 4-inch red and white Top Dog. Don’t always think using a live mullet around tens of thousands of other ones is the correct answer.

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FORECAST BY: Jayson Arman
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