Ft. Pierce Inshore: Feb. 2022

A couple more months and it will be summer again. Winter is still here and we can expect weekly fronts that will bring windy and cool weather as they blow through our area. Between adverse conditions and fluctuating water temps, February can be a challenging month on the Treasure Coast.  Adapting to the wind and constantly changing water temps will result in more successful outings.

Look for trout in areas like Herman’s Bay, Big Mud Flats, and Bear Point. If you are an early person, lots of docks lights will hold trout while you’re waiting for the sun. Using D.O.A. shrimp in natural colors are deadly on the fish in the lights. Transition to the east side of the river once the sun rises.  Drifting through 2- to 4-feet of water with a 3-inch D.O.A. shad tail is a good way to locate trout. Colors like Texas Croaker or Figi Chix are good when the water is a little turbid. When the water is clear use natural colors like Melon Back or Greene Back.  Rig them on a 1/16 – to ¼-ounce jig head depending on water depth you’re fishing.

When we get a stretch of calm days getting out on the first reef is great option. The amount of species you can catch out there seems endless. There really is no telling what you’ll encounter between multiple snapper species, porgies, margates, jacks, pompano, permit, and more. Always have a heavier rod rigged and ready in case a cobia pops up near the boat. Typically, when we are out there, we are targeting sheepshead. The class of fish we find out there are a bit bigger than what we catch in the river.  Using live or cut shrimp on a size 2 hook on 20-pound leader with a heavy split shot is how our go to rig.  Drifting in 9 to 20 foot seems to be the preferred depths for the sheepshead.

Snook season opens the first of this month!  Many anglers will be out in search of their “slots.”  The jetties, inlet, and bridges will all have their share of fish hanging around. Free lining baits in the shadow line of the bridge are a good early season technique. If they’re being slow to react to a live bait, bouncing a feather or a swim bait off the bottom is a good option as well.

FORECAST BY: Capt. Adam White
(609) 820-6257

Alexis caught a great overslot snook while drifting the inlet. Photo credit: Capt. Adam White.