FWC UPDATE: Aug. 2020

Spiny Lobster Regular Season Aug. 6-March 31

Spiny lobster will be open for regular recreational and commercial harvest Aug. 6. Remember to use care around corals and other marine life. Boat and dive safely.

  • Links for more information: Spiny Lobster [MyFWC.com]
  • How to measure a spiny lobster [MyFWC.com]

2020 Lionfish Challenge: Turn in your lionfish for rewards

The 2020 Lionfish Challenge rewards lionfish harvesters with prizes for submitting lionfish. Participants who remove the most lionfish in the recreational and commercial categories by Sept. 7 (Labor Day) will be crowned the 2020 Recreational Lionfish King/Queen and the Commercial Champion. Register today or learn more about the program at FWCReefRangers.com.


If you want healthy, beautiful coral reefs and would like more information about Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease and what the FWC and partners are doing to help, join the Crew and sign up today: FLCoralCrew.com. And while you’re out enjoying the water this summer, remember these tips:

  1. Avoid touching corals while diving.
  2. Don’t anchor near corals.
  3. Clean diving gear between dive sites.
  4. Use environmentally friendly sunscreens.

FWC needs your feedback

FWC is collecting feedback on several fisheries topics including bluefish, flounder, spot, croaker, Atlantic blueline tilefish and snowy grouper.

Provide comments on these or other fisheries online at MyFWC.com/SaltwaterComments.

Catch a Florida Memory: Submit saltwater catches and earn rewards

Due to the effects of COVID-19, prize package mailings are taking longer than normal. While package mailings have resumed, significant delays are expected over the next few months. Anglers are still encouraged to submit catches and enjoy getting out on the water.

Earn rewards for various achievements while targeting a diversity of species and reducing fishing pressure on the most commonly sought-after catches.

  • Saltwater Fish Life List: Can you catch all 70 species?
  • Saltwater Reel Big Fish: Recognition for extraordinary-sized catches.
  • Saltwater Grand Slams: Earn rewards for catching three specific fish in 24 hours.

Join the Triple Threat Club and earn even more prizes (including a long sleeve performance fishing shirt and more) by participating in all three programs. Anglers must qualify for each of the three programs to be eligible.

FWC also manages the Florida Saltwater Fishing Records program.

Link for more information: CatchaFloridaMemory.com