Holiday gift buying: Accessories we can’t live without

By Christina Weber

This might be a repetitive topic, but I think it’s a great topic. This gives me an opportunity to talk about all my favorite things and the things people actually use versus the silly things you waste money on. I usually try to encourage folks not to purchase actual lures because this is tough. You have sizes, colors, weights, and styles all working against you. If you know of a brand this person uses most then you can probably play semi-safe.

  • Leader: If you really love someone you’ll purchase fluorocarbon leader. We always need this and couldn’t possible have enough. Yo-Zuri has a new leader on the market that’s absolutely amazing. I have completely switched everything over. It’s specifically the Yo-Zuri TopKnot. A spool or two and you’ll look like a hero.
  • Waterproof bags/cases: I have three waterproof bags and my need for more grows daily. Whether your angler fishes by foot, kayak or boat, they can always use a waterproof bag. Between the small electronics we have or larger items we just want to keep dry these are going to be the bag or case to fit your need. I use the mess out of my little Pelican cases for small items. You can always count on Pelican to keep things not only dry but protected from any element. For a soft bag, I use Watershed. There’s a variety of sizes that I can cross use from kayak to boat. Backpack options always make for the best multipurpose equipment.
  • Gear Ties: Nite Ize is the gift that keeps giving. Between their Gear Ties and S-Biners, I don’t know a single soul who doesn’t use these tools to the full extent. You cannot go wrong with stuffing a stocking full of Gear Ties. I use the 12-inch and 18-inch sizes the most. Nite Ize also released their Marine Grad S-Biner in August, which has us saltwater folks stoked. These are just two tools Nite Ize produces that go a long way for every angler.
  • Water Shoes: This might seem like a silly gift and it’s a tough gift to buy. We all have someone in our life who blows through water shoes or maybe has given up on water shoes completely. There’s two brands I use and absolutely love – Astral and XtraTuf. For kayak fishing they both have a water shoe. I use the Astral Loyaks and the XtraTuf Riptide. I do prefer the Riptides on the boat and prefer the Loyaks for any kayak adventures that might bring me around wet rocky terrain. In the winter months, I use the women’s XtraTuf boots that almost never leave my feet. They keep me dry and warm in the worst conditions. Plus, they actually make them for women which isn’t easy to find.

There’s so many things in fishing that go a long way. From little itty bitty tools of the trade, to rod and reel combos that can have a lifetime of use. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more questions. This is such a wonderful time of year to spoil those you hold near and dear.

Christina Weber is a born and raised South Florida fisherman utilizing the fishing capital to the full extent. For her, kayak fishing happened by accident when she wanted to venture into  uncharted waters that she couldn’t reach by motor boat. Over time, she realized that a kayak could take her anywhere, and fish freshwater, saltwater, inshore and offshore all from her Hobie Outback. Christina has been competing in tournaments for over 10 years. For more on Christina, visit

Santa having some bass fun
Santa having some bass fun