Kayak Fishing: September 2018

Dee with her personal best kingfish. Photo credit: Brian Nelli.


Fishing early or late in the day is going to be your best option this time of year. The flats and inlets are holding large amounts of glass minnows. Using lures to imitate these baits will be your best bet. Fishing the inlets, docks and bridges will continue to be a great option. Try using a D.O.A. Terror Eyz or jerk bait bounced near the bottom around the inlet. Fishing the bridges at night with a mullet imitation will work great as well. One of my favorite bridges is the Lake Worth Bridge right next to Snook Islands. They have a nice kayak launch on the north side to make access to the bridge quick and easy. Fish the shadow line that is being put off by the lights on the bridge for a successful night.


September has always been a great month for wahoo in the kayak. Concentrate on live baiting large goggle eyes deeper in the water column. The best time of the month will be a few days before and after the full moon. Kingfish will be in decent numbers with 10-to-15-pound fish the norm. Sailfish will be in the mix as well. Smaller goggle eyes and blue runners on a flat line will work to lure them in. Finally, blackfin and skipjack tuna will come through in small schools. Look to target them with smaller vertical jigs and trolling feathers.

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See you on the water!

FORECAST BY: Brian Nelli