Kayak Fishing: Fun and Adventure!

PHOTO CREDIT: Kvn MkDdy/Flickr
PHOTO CREDIT: Kvn MkDdy/Flickr

By: Bob Taylor, PaddleVA.com

[dropcap]K[/dropcap]ayak Fishing is extremely visceral and rewarding. The intimacy you share with the natural world and the immediacy of that interaction on the water is unparalleled. Here are a few tips if you’re just starting out.

(1) You do not need to buy a top of the line kayak, but you do need to talk to some experienced people about the best kayak for the water you plan to be fishing, combined with your height/weight and paddling ability. I’ve fielded a lot of phone calls from people who bought big box store kayaks that can’t carry their weight.

(2) Don’t bring your most expensive rods on the kayak your first few times out. You will probably flip once or twice. Better to lose or break cheap rods than to watch your favorite ones disappear.

(3) Kayak fishing is unique. You must be self-reliant and prepared to handle any situation. It’s both the beauty and risk associated with the activity. Wear your PFD.

(4) If you’re going to be out paddling all day, invest in some sun protection clothing. With SPF clothing you can pretend you’re a kayak fishing ninja.

(5) Hydrate. Remember that kayak fishing is exercise, more so than sitting on a boat. If you go out all day, bring enough water.

(6) A bad day kayak fishing is still a good day kayaking. Studies show exercise makes us happier. My most rewarding days involve lots of paddling to find the fish. And when it pays off, I feel like a warrior.

PHOTO CREDIT: John Donahue.
PHOTO CREDIT: John Donahue.