Kayak Forecast: Jan 2021

Eric with his first sailfish. Photo credit: Brian Nelli.


Yours truly with a pompano on the flats. Photo provided by Brian Nelli.

Pompano, bluefish and Spanish mackerel become more of the focus in January. I like to target areas near the inlets like the mouth of the Loxahatchee River in Jupiter and Sailfish Flats in Stuart. The deeper channels and sand flats make them ideal locations for the fish to swim in and out with the tides. Try working the edges of these channels with goofy jigs, small buck tails and D.O.A. shrimp. This time of year brings cold air and wind which in turn creates wet conditions on the kayak. Having a pair of Frogg Togg waders to keep you dry and warm in the chop is highly recommended.


January is considered one of the best months to target sailfish. As always winter months are very weather dependent.  There are typically only a handful of days during this month that the weather will allow you to get in the ocean without rolling your kayak in the process.  Choose your days wisely and be sure to have all safety equipment on board. Sailfish prefer smaller baits like smaller goggle eyes and pilchards. Keeping them up top on the surface and frisky is your best bet.


Nate doubled up on healthy peacock bass. Photo credit: Brian Nelli.

Peacock bass fishing can be on fire during the winter months, if we do not get an extended period of low temps in the 40-degree range. Using shiners and shad are at the top of the list for a good bite, but don’t overlook an artificial lure that mimics those baits as well. Look to target concrete structures and deeper water for the colder months.

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See you on the water!

FORECAST BY: Brian Nelli
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