Kayak Forecast: Oct. 2020

Sam with a sailfish from a recent two-day trip. Photo credit: Brian Nelli.


The mullet are here! Snook, tarpon, redfish and trout will all be cooperating this month. Matching the hatch will be your best bet during this time. Super Spooks, D.O.A. Bait Buster’s and anything that has the shape of a mullet will be the go-to bait while kayak fishing. With the presence of so much mullet, the thought then goes to how do I get my lure to stand out. I like trying to go with colors that don’t exactly match the hatch. Try dark or bright colors to get the attention away from the group of bait.  Focus your cast on the edges of the mullet bait schools and you will do well.


Look to find the mahi and tuna show back up closer to shore. Your depth range should be 90-to-300 foot of water. Another thing to get excited about is the snapper bite. Look to target mutton snapper and yellowtail snapper in 60-to-100 foot of water from Palm Beach to Jupiter. I love using mullet this time of year for both bottom fishing and trolling. It is readily available and a great hardy bait to keep alive while kayak fishing.


The peacock bass and clown knife fishing will really be taking off in the coming months. Look to fish structure like bridges to find the bite. Live shiners are always the go to bait, but during this time, don’t overlook a finger mullet as well. Mullet will survive in the freshwater long enough for them to be crushed by a hungry peacock bass or largemouth bass.

FORECAST BY: Brian Nelli
(772) 201-5899

Sam with a clown knifefish from a recent two-day trip. Photo credit: Brian Nelli.