Lady kayak anglers battling it out in the Bahamas

Meli Brock and Christina Weber resting on Taino Beach, Grand Bahama, between their wild kayaking adventure. Photo provided by Christina Weber.
Meli Brock and Christina Weber resting on Taino Beach, Grand Bahama, between their wild kayaking adventure. Photo provided by Christina Weber.

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]etween the shuffling of kayaks, the 3 a.m. wake-up calls, in a field full of fish talk, you’ll find four incredible ladies. We seem to find ourselves always running out of time in a place where time stands still. It’s our week to battle it out in the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament Battle in the Bahamas.

I wanted to share this story because unlike every other tournament I fish, this one in particular is growing on the ladies. I’m not sure why this one over so many others, but we’re embracing each and every second. This was my second year competing in this tournament and with each year, I learn so much. Here’s some of our most favorite moments and some of our tougher situations.

Riaha Luzzi made her first appearance this year, but is no stranger to fishing. Luzzie states, “I am not going to lie, it was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Sleep is something you do after the two-day tournament is over because when you’re not out fishing the tournament you’re getting prepared to fish it.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth and I know that’s what fuels most of us. Sleep is something we can challenge ourselves to do during normal business hours. The Battle isn’t normal, so don’t prepare for it to be normal.

Mrs. Pam Wirth joined the Battle last year, along with myself and Meli Brock. We’re far from having our ducks in a row, but I can promise we’re growing each year.

Here Pam is sharing one of her biggest struggles this year, “Determining what fish to target first, where they were and what approach to use. I agonized over this. I also didn’t change my game plan fast enough to meet the conditions.”

Yet she followed through strong each day and fished hard. I expect nothing but the best from this little lady. Her constant positive force with learning is all the rage these days, “Have confidence in yourself,” she says.

Since this fishing fool has been competing for seven years now, Mrs. Meli inspires some great advice! “Try to prepare as best as you can to have everything you need. It is really difficult to acquire fishing gear and bait over in the Bahamas, so just try to come as prepared as you can be to be a self-sufficient fishing machine.  Also, anything that can go wrong usually does on a trip like this. Try and bring a limited amount of tools and supplies like electric tape…if you don’t need it someone else might.”

I think sometimes people forget that we’re a team, yet that team is built of four separate dreams. We’re there for each other on and off the water, but as soon as our tournament HD is on overdrive we’re focused. At the end of the day we each want to win and I wouldn’t want to fish against anything less.

Meli Brock added, “I am just totally hoping for more women to join us on this wild adventure next year!”