Lake Burton

by Wes Carlton

        Water temperature: 47degrees, lake level: full pool, clarity: clear.

Bass: The bass bite has been excellent the last few days with a lot of fish up shallow. The Alabama rig is working great! We have been catching some bigger spots and largemouth on hard plastic swim baits in the 7 inch range in white/off white. Most of the fish we have caught have been around the bank lines. We have been watching for these fish to push bait up and then working those areas. This bite should continue for the next several weeks if the water temps continue to rise as they typically do this time of year.

Walleye: The walleye bite is in full swing. We have been catching most of our fish on down lining blue back herring and slow trolling night crawlers just on the bottom. The best bite seems to be in the 20 foot depths. Be patient with these fish. Most of the time the walleye nibble and don’t take the bait right away. The walleye will be heading up the creeks to spawn anytime now and will be easier to catch on shallow diving plugs and crankbaits. Look for these fish to continue their pilgrimage up the creeks and rivers for the spawning run!

Brown Trout: The trout have been deep this winter. Most of them have been hanging out over the main lake channel only coming up to feed on the vast bait population a few times a day. We have been lucky enough on a few recent trips to catch some really nice browns while casting for bass up in the creek channels. These fish were caught on a white Spro Mcstick. The brown trout follow the bait population. So if the blue back herring are deep, more than likely the trout are deep.

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