Lake Chatuge

by Eric Welch
Water temperature: 65-68 degrees, lake level: full pool, clarity: clear

Bass: The fishing has been great. There are some fish that are finishing up spawning, and there are some that are on their way out to their summer staging areas. I’ve been starting my mornings out throwing topwater, with my baits of choice being a Strike King Sexy Dawg and a Whopper Plopper. I’m throwing these around brush, backs of pockets and spawning flats targeting the fish before they make their way back out to deeper water. There is also fish guarding fry around brush and docks. These areas are good places to throw a Fluke.

Once the sun gets up, I’m targeting the long points and spawning flats with a tube, shaky head and jig in depths around 12 to 20 feet. As the water gets warmer and the fish go to their summer pattern, I will start targeting these fish with a drop shot, Strike King Ocho rigged Neko with a 1/16 Tungsten nail weight and a shaky head. If you have a windy day, throw a 3/8 ounce white spinnerbait. As the fish start moving out deeper and off shore, you will start seeing them on your electronics.

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