Lake Hartwell Fishing Forecast for May 2019

By Preston Harden

Water level is at full pool and water temperature is in the low 60s.

May might be the best month of the year for catching fish. Every type of fish is active and shallow. Most fish have finished spawning. They are feeding and putting on weight after the rigors of spawning.

Hybrids and stripers are feeding shallow, especially early and late. I am looking around points, Shoals, humps and other shallow structure. We will throw small jig heads with Zoom super fluke Junior’s in white ice. We will also throw Sebille magic swimmer’s. I like the slow sinking white color. We will pull Herring with no weight as we cast around the shallow structure.

Spotted bass and largemouth bass will also be around the same areas. They will be following the blueback Herring that are spawning in May. The Herring spawn in May around shallow structure. If you reel in and the Herring are following your Lure, you are in the right spot.

All game fish are active in May. Most of them are shallow and feeding. The weather is agreeable. Get out and enjoy.