Lake Okeechobee, South: January 2018

The next couple of months are your chance to catch the trophy bass you have been looking for. Photo credit: Capt. Mark Shepard.

Lake Okeechobee fishing is back in gear. Season is upon us and it is time to catch some quality spawning largemouth bass. The next couple of months are your chance to catch the trophy bass you have been looking for. Enjoy your January Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Forecast.

Lake Okeechobee bass fishing should be fantastic over the course of the next couple of months. We have seen a great kick start to the spawning season. Great numbers of big fish are beginning to make their way in off the main lake fast and hard.

Spawning season is going to be excellent this year. Water levels are coming down allowing for the water to finally get to the clarity it needs to be. The levels are at 16 feet above sea level. Clean and clear water will promote for a strong spawning for largemouth bass. We are starting to see females preparing for this season already. Water levels should be around 15 feet by the end of this month, which will dramatically help the grass beds to grow and bounce back from the hurricane.

January is also the time of year where we can experience cold fronts. Cold fronts that are severe and change the water temperatures dramatically are the ones that will influence the fishing and feeding patterns the most. Small cold fronts will allow for the temperatures to get right for spawning.  When the water begins to cool, rattle traps and jerk baits are highly effective baits to catch largemouth bass.

Also, this month during the new and full moon, we will be able to experience a great migration of crappie. You can catch them currently in key areas, but we will begin to see them in numbers coming soon. If you find deeper waters in the Kissimmee River, you will generally be able to find some great numbers and quality of crappie or speck. Buggy whips and saw grass edges as well will begin to produce an excellent bite as well, just get your jig pole ready.

The south end of Lake Okeechobee out of Clewiston and Belle Glade seem to be the strongest parts of the lake. You can experience more of an explosive migration of largemouth bass moving in. Don’t count out the north shore though because we are seeing some quality females appear as well. Explore the waters from Harney Pond and above for an adventure you won’t forget in the next upcoming months.

Artificial baits can be an effective method to catching largemouth bass this time of year as well. Some of your favorite Florida fishing techniques can also help produces an excellent bite. Throw a frog in the grass, flip your favorite bait and swim that swim jig or swim bait around hydrilla and hold on! When the water is just right you can catch a few on top water as well.

FORECAST BY:  Capt. Mark Shepard
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