Luna Sea Eliminates Tangles with “Leader-Mate”

Fishing-NewsPLAINWELL, Mich. — If you fish, you’ve experienced tangles with your Freshwater/Saltwater leaders. With “LEADER-MATE” from Luna Sea (the company that made fishing more comfortable with the award-winning “Cush-It”) those messes are a thing of the past.


Just wrap your rigs — monofilament, fluorocarbon, even wire — around LEADER-MATE, then store your sinkers,divers/planners,hooks or other terminal tackle in LEADER-MATE’s innovative and patented pockets, and you’re ready to go.


LEADER-MATE grips securely onto any fishing rod and keeps your rigs neat and secure until you’re ready to fish. It’s that easy, that fast and that organized.


With LEADER-MATE, you’re always ready to fish. No more tangles!


Luna Sea is dedicated to making your fishing experiences better, easier, more successful and more fun! For more information on Luna Sea products, contact Mick Saunders at or call (269) 685-1761. View our full product line at

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