Mississippi Gulf Coast Kayaking Report


Kayaks are easy to handle and transport. You can launch almost anywhere you can park. We are fortunate to live a short drive from some great kayak fishing in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida. So get out and learn some new areas.

Plenty of nice slot reds, trout, and flounder are falling for all sorts of baits. In the mornings and late evenings topwater baits like the Rapala Skitterwalk and MirrOlure she pup have been the hot ticket for the reds and trout. I have been fishing them over oyster reefs and against grass beds up and down our coast. I am also having great results with the silver mullet Saltwater Assassin Sea shad. Fish them on a 1/8oz. jig and slow bouncing deeper pot holes.

Not to miss in September. The IFA Kayak fishing tour will be in Aransas Pass, TX. on the 8th and will be Ruskin, FL. on the 15th. The Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club will be holding there PAC Attack tournament in Louisiana on the 28th. We keep a running tab on what’s happening in the kayak community on our Facebook page Kayak Fishing U.

With these longer days out in the sun take care of yourself. Wear protective clothing, a buff, and sunscreen when out fishing. I use Beyond Coastal sunscreen SPF 30 and put it on before I leave for the day and reapply with a face stick throughout. It makes a huge difference in how I feel at the end of a day and how long I can stay out and fish.

Remember while fishing from a kayak to always think safety. We are low to the water and not always easily seen. Keep a 360 degree light on at dark and low light conditions, wear a PFD, keep hydrated, and let someone know your float plan.