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Cocodrie, Louisiana—Kayak Fishing Paradise

The fishing, shrimping and crabbing village of Cocodrie is located where LA Highway 56 abruptly ends deep in the heart of Louisiana's fabled saltwater marsh. Mention the word Cocodrie to any saltwater fish-chasing Louisiana native and you'll likely get that faraway look of desire that comes from knowing that even in a marsh habitat as massive as Louisiana—this is one very special place to go fishing.

Everglades National Park and the 10,000 Islands

I was fortunate to get the chance to grow up during a time when machines and devices didn’t control so much of our lives. Back then, it was wilderness where we went to spend time. Depending on where you go, wilderness is a relative term. However, having spent most of my years in Florida, backcountry flats surrounded by mangroves are the wilderness I know best.

Monster Tarpon in the Florida Everglades

When my father approached me this past November with the idea of tarpon fishing in Florida, I was all ears. You see, a lifetime of angling (and a handful of forty and fifty pound stripers) has spawned within me an obsession to tangle with ever larger fish, and the tarpon holds a lofty position on the bucket list.

Charles and The Golden Dorado

This month’s favored fish is quite the acrobat, and, when hooked, spends almost as much time out of the water as in the water with incredible jumps as high as six feet in the air. It's a very odd looking fish with a blunt head and long body the colors of turquoise, bright green, yellow and blue, thus making it one of the most beautiful fish in the sea.

Spring Fling

Wow! Spring is finally upon us. Flowers are blooming, Spring Training bats are cracking and anglers are taking their kayaks out of storage and heading to the favorite honey holes. Life is good. To help get you prepared for the kayak fishing spring frenzy, I have recruited several of my Hobie teammates to provide a brief overview of their springtime tactics that have made them some of the most successful kayak anglers in the country. This grouping of helpful hints is brief, so if you have a topic that you would like to see expanded on please do not hesitate to let us know.

You Can’t Catch a Fish Without Bait in the Water

I am a strong believer in the title of this article, and with that being said, I will be talking about high speed trolling. I have had many trips start and/or end with a bang! If you run offshore to bottom fish and/or troll, it is not a bad idea to fish while you are running. The tackle is a little different for this high speed trolling, as well as the lures, but is one of the most productive ways you can hunt for wahoo.

Bonefish 101

The bonefish, considered one of the most often sought after saltwater game fish, is elusive, spooky, and fast, a ghost like fish that poses a real challenge to fly fisherman. It makes its home in some of the most beautiful tropic locations worldwide.

Don’t Think About This the Next Time You Go Fishing

Do you have Superstitions about fishing? Have you sold your soul to catch a fish? I posed that question to my fly fishing group and found it interesting that there were others out there that had the same beliefs. It may seem there is no basis for a superstition but if you go back in time or research things you may find the basis of it.

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Speeches Repeats as Bonanza Champ

Captain Pete Speeches of Scarborough, ME and the crew of Backstabber, brought a giant bluefin to the scale weighing 719 pounds to win the Third Annual Casco Bay Bluefin Bonanza and the coveted Casco Bay Cup, their second consecutive victory.

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