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Stocking Program Aims To Increase Allatoona Largemouth Numbers

For decades the bass fishery at Lake Allatoona has been dominated by spotted bass. In a few years, anglers may see a welcome change because of a state program to stock largemouth bass in the Atlanta-area reservoir.

To Reel or not to Reel

Should you reel in the excess line hanging from your reel when you catch a fish? Let’s look at the situations and consider the options.

Angler Thoughts on Sharks in Florida – Survey!

I am currently researching the risks that face the shark populations in Florida waters, and I am very interested in obtaining the expertise and beliefs of fishers. To better understand this topic, I am conducting a survey of recreational anglers in the state of Florida. The survey will characterize your fishing style and interactions with sharks, and provide anglers the chance to voice their opinions on the future of management for sharks in Florida.

Hooking Wreck Fish off San Salvador Island

The coffee's hot, the morning cool. On the horizon a blood-summer sun peeks above the blue Atlantic. Before long, the temperature of the cooling coffee and the warming morning will inverse.

Regional Management: What it is, and What it isn’t

This year, at the urging of many groups and state agencies, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council (GMFMC) is actively pursuing a change in management strategy for red snapper. Called “Regional Management” it would transfer to the states more flexibility in decisions regarding recreational harvest of this premier fish. This is certainly welcomed by most reef fish anglers, given the shrinking seasons and bag limits over the past decade.

It’s that Redfish Time of Year

September marks the month that most people fishing for redfish truely love. There are numerous ways to fish for redfish. Huge ‘bull reds’ will soon be within reach of passes. Bay shoreline’s harboring smooth cordgrass, oyster reefs, or sea-grass flats will attract numerous juveniles; many tailing, crawling, or creating ‘muds’ as they root for grass shrimp that are maturing. But few hear of the mention of the ‘open water’ bay technique. Mainly because it’s the primary method that savvy tournament anglers utilize to win Gulf Coast redfish tournaments.

Lake Agua Milpa, Mexico for Beauty and an Abundance of Bass!

One of our favorites lakes in Mexico is Agua Milpa. This lake is located in the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range near the town of Tepic. Once inaccessible to outsiders, this rugged section of the Sierra Madre is now host to bass anglers from around the world!

Species of the Month: Common Snook

Common snook (Centropomus Undecimalis) are found in coastal waters ranging along the eastern and western coast of Florida, the Texas …

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Artemis Wins The SC Blue Marlin Championship With A 504 Pound Blue Marlin

Artemis is based out of Charleston, SC. The fish was caught off of Charleston and weighted at Tolers Cove Marina in Mt. Pleasant. 

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