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In Search of Trophy Catfish on the James River

Weather is often what separates the average fisherman from the hardcore. Last week my good fishing buddies Vic Higdon, Leon Higdon and David Ashby, owner of Bottom Dwellers Tackle, and I traveled to the James River in Virginia to do a couple of days of fishing and a one-day catfish tournament.

Wet Summer Should Lead To A Good Duck Season In Georgia

The heart of duck season is upon us, and according to Georgia DNR’s Waterfowl Biologist Greg Balkcom, the wet summer may lead to a good duck season.

Break the Rules for Better Fishing

I’ve never been very good at following rules. The very number of folks who can attest to this fact borders on embarrassing.

Mooring Your Fishing Kayak

When kayak fishing, there are times you will want to remain in the same location without being moved off your fishing spot by the wind, tide, current or waves. Also, when fishing rivers you may want to slow your drift down. There are various methods and techniques that allow you to accomplish this.

New “Lion King” Invading Gulf Waters

An unwelcome super-predator with venomous spines has found its way into the Northern Gulf of Mexico. Red Lionfish (Pterois voltans), a popular but hazardous saltwater aquarium pet was long presumed to be too warm-blooded to survive outside its distant tropical native range, over ten thousand miles away. However, divers and fishermen are increasingly catching live, healthy specimens off the southern coast of the United States, proving that cooler Gulf temperatures are not a barrier to this voracious and destructive feeder.

From Fall to Winter for the Fly Fisherman

A lot is about to happen, weather-wise and fish-wise. The abundance of bait in our marshes, creeks and rivers is fading, and the redfish are forming schools. Big schools. They are anything but easy, so get your gear in shape and formulate a plan.

A Cure for the Cold

It happens every year. The tarpon are the first to go. The mullet gang up then disperse. Shortly afterward, the menhaden balls off the beach vanish...

Waterfowl Hunting and Boating Safety

Statistics show more waterfowl hunters die from hypothermia and drowning than gunshot wounds.

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