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SpotSticker Ventures North

There is no doubt that spotted bass have more in common with smallmouths than largemouths. In fact, when the two are present in the same waters, they will mix to create a hybrid that anglers commonly refer to as the “Meanmouth”—an aggressive critter with war paint across the eye, a big powerful tail and a really bad attitude.

Canoe Tips…

The title to this article sounds like a newspaper headline that ends with bad news. However, this article will be focused on ways to keep from tipping your canoe, ways to be more effective as an angler in a canoe and a few etiquette suggestions.

Postspawn and Giant Catfish: It’s All About The Bait

Across the country, catfish are emerging from their spawning dens as we head into the heart of summer. Now is the best time to catch them.

Fly of the Month: Purple Prince Nymph Variation

The venerable Prince Nymph. Chances are that if you fly fish for trout, you’ve had one on the end of your line at some point.

Summer Fishing Facts

Fish are like people, only wetter. Both like comfortable surroundings, food and protection from danger. Freshwater fish are restricted by lake or river banks. Fish such as pike, musky, walleye, largemouth, smallmouth, crappie, panfish, perch, several species of trout, salmon, shad, carp, and lake trout can all live in the same water, but in different parts and utilizing different structure.

A most memorable Memorial Day Weekend

Story and Photo by Mark Browning Every year my family and I head down to the Dockside Inn and Resort …

Fishing North Carolina in July

North Carolina has many possibilities to consider when choosing a place to go fishing in July. Reflecting on this I consider the first time I remember going fishing. It reminds me that fishing can be as simple or complicated as we make it. There are many small ponds, streams, or creeks in North Carolina that offer a variety of fish to catch including bream, catfish, bass, crappie, trout, perch, and walleye. We can catch these fish in these waters from the shoreline using a cane pole with a string and hook tied to the end of it. Crickets, worms, grubs, or caterpillars are easy baits to find and capture to bait these hooks. This simple way of fishing is often the first fishing memory for many of us.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

Over the last decade, drop-shot or down-shot fishing has proven itself time and again as one of the most effective ways to target finicky fish. Especially during the summer and winter months, when bass are deep and packed tightly on open-water structure, the finesse approach of a drop shot may be the best way to consistently catch difficult fish.

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3rd Annual Get Hook’d on Lake Monroe Fishing Tournament and Seafood Festival

Beautiful Florida weather this year greeted the 180 teams who registered and fished the 3rd Annual Get Hook’d tournament.  $10,000 in prizes were paid to the top ten bass teams, and the top 10 crappie teams. 

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