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Fly of the Month: Garner’s Black Betty Stone

In the Southeast this is a time of year many anglers look forward to. Chilly nights and cool mornings give anglers and the fish some much needed relief.

Turn Out the Lights

“Watch what happens when we turn out the lights,” Dr. Bori Olla said as he monitored the behavior of bluefish in a 30,000-gallon aquarium. Working a control panel, he caused the sun to set and darkness to permeate the water.

Maximize Your Time on the Water

You invest lots of time and money into your pursuit of saltwater game fish on fly rod and reel; what with the size of your cash outlay on travel “How-To” books, fly-fishing DVDs, travel expenses, and guide services, you feel each trip will guarantee you success on the salt water; however, spending money as if you are Donald Trump is no guarantee that you will be successful on every trip.

A Fishing Relapse

I smoked pipes and cigars for about twenty years. If you are a smoker, you know that there are certain time periods and activities that you associate with smoking. Unfortunately, fishing can be one of those activities.

In Search of Trophy Catfish on the James River

Weather is often what separates the average fisherman from the hardcore. Last week my good fishing buddies Vic Higdon, Leon Higdon and David Ashby, owner of Bottom Dwellers Tackle, and I traveled to the James River in Virginia to do a couple of days of fishing and a one-day catfish tournament.

Wet Summer Should Lead To A Good Duck Season In Georgia

The heart of duck season is upon us, and according to Georgia DNR’s Waterfowl Biologist Greg Balkcom, the wet summer may lead to a good duck season.

Break the Rules for Better Fishing

I’ve never been very good at following rules. The very number of folks who can attest to this fact borders on embarrassing.

Mooring Your Fishing Kayak

When kayak fishing, there are times you will want to remain in the same location without being moved off your fishing spot by the wind, tide, current or waves. Also, when fishing rivers you may want to slow your drift down. There are various methods and techniques that allow you to accomplish this.

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