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Tackle Box for Spring Cobia Fishing

Well, it's the time of year to get your cobia tackle ready, because they will be showing up very soon! Last year, we saw the first schools arrive in the area during the last two weeks of April.

“Mudbugs Get in Your Craw- More Fish in Your Livewell”

Whether alive, dead, or artificial — hard crankbaits or soft plastic imitations — you can catch a lot of fish, and lots of different species from tiny bream to massive catfish and bass, using crawfish for bait.

The Right Choice- Rod & Reel

On ocean and estuary, mismatched tackle falls into the hands of far too many anglers. Creating a rod and reel combination starts with the line. The first step centers on determining the breaking strength of the line with which you want to fish.

My First Rod & Reel

At 60 years old I still remember my first rod and reel—shiny and silver, with a big red bow on the package.

Dress Properly For Winter Kayaking

While fishing on the kayak, most people find themselves in some cold early mornings or some serious mid-day heat, however some hardcore anglers fish all year long and find themselves in some of the harsher winter conditions and need to take extra precautions.

The Turn- Fishing Seasons

Every season in fishing has a certain magic temperature or weather associated with it. The fall kicks off with that first cool front. Winter sets in around mid December with water temperatures falling into the 50s or much lower depending upon your region of the country, cold rains, snow, ice, north winds, and grey skies. Within each of these seasons there seems to be a certain day or week in which we feel the turn has happened and a new season is upon us.

Tips for Smoker Kingfish

Large kingfish, thirty pounders and up, are called smokers. They earned this name from the screaming sound of the reel while the line is taking off at top speeds and literally smoking the drag.

The Making of an Outdoorswoman

When I asked how I got started hunting, I will tell you a story about a farm raised tom girl who always tried to beat the boys at everything. This goes back as far back as kindergarten.

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Jimmy Johnson’s Quest for the Ring Championship Fishing Week Returns to South Florida, March 5-9, 2024 Featuring the World’s Richest Guaranteed Purse

JJ FISH Week Delivers a Five-Day Fishing Extravaganza Across South Florida and Continues its Legacy as The Longest Running $1 Million Guaranteed Sportfishing Tournament in History

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Leland, Michigan and Carlson’s Fishery – Fishtown, USA

Leland, Michigan and Carlson's Fishery - FISHTOWN USA is a must visit if you are in northern Michigan!

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Why Try Technical Diving?

Tec diving is obstacle-ridden and humbling, but can reignite a fading passion. It can leave you with a sense of accomplishment and a refined set of diving skills. It grants access to depths beyond recreational limits, where lesser-known shipwrecks and deep reefs lie, waiting to be explored.

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2022 Florida Skiff Challenge

18-Foot Skiffs. 1,300 Miles. No Sleep. One Cause.

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