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How Do I Get My Kayak Home?

You have purchased a kayak and are excited about getting it in the water but how are you going to transport your kayak.

What about Water Clarity?

Do you ever think about water clarity? Other than when you pull up to the lake and notice, wow, the water sure is muddy today from all the recent rains.

Becoming Secure In Your Fly Fishing Skills

Okay, folks, this is it. This is the time of year when you can catch trout on any stream that holds them.

Hook a Flea for Florida Pompano

I have always considered surf fishing to be the best of both worlds – you get to enjoy fun in the sun at the beach while you also have a shot at catching some really nice fish, one of which is the Florida pompano (Trachinotus carolinus).

Purchasing and Enjoying YOUR NEW BOAT

Personal watercraft (canoes, kayaks, “toons,” SUPs etc.) are some of the best ways to expand your fishing adventures into new waters. They open up new territory that may not be possible to reach easily by any other method. Some advance research and preparation will help pick the best craft for you and help you enjoy it safely.


If you want a good argument, try telling me that barometric pressure changes the behavior of freshwater fish. I’ll win the argument so don’t bet any money on it.

10 Most Important Things to do to Catch Striped Bass in the Jersey Surf

Follow these steps to catch stripers from the Surf!


Striped Bass have been known to dominate many New Jersey anglers spring enthusiasm for inshore trophies, however there was a time not long ago our striped desires were delayed or put on pause with the arrival of yet another beautiful trophy traveling about 5 to 7 degrees behind the stripers, Large “Tiderunner” Weakfish.

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Hamner Wins Wire-to-Wire Classic Title on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees

The fourth-year Bassmaster Elite Series pro from Northport, Ala., said openly that he “just had a feeling” coming into this year’s Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Classic presented by Jockey Outdoors that he was going to win—and in three days on Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees, he turned that feeling into a reality.

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Leland, Michigan and Carlson’s Fishery – Fishtown, USA

Leland, Michigan and Carlson's Fishery - FISHTOWN USA is a must visit if you are in northern Michigan!

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Why Try Technical Diving?

Tec diving is obstacle-ridden and humbling, but can reignite a fading passion. It can leave you with a sense of accomplishment and a refined set of diving skills. It grants access to depths beyond recreational limits, where lesser-known shipwrecks and deep reefs lie, waiting to be explored.

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