Pier Fishing Report: August 2014

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]alking about fishing is always a pleasure. So much can be learned about what works and what doesn’t work just by listening to coastal anglers. Thank you for the stories and the pictures.

Right now, the St. Andrews/Graveline Bayou is producing a lot of fish. Most of the fishermen who I talked with have had the best success with shrimp and cut bait. Be sure to bring an umbrella for some shade if you have one!

Nighttime fishing at the Ocean Springs pier is still producing some heavy redfish, but these are not in large numbers. If the rains let up, this pier can be a smoking hot place to fish.

Fisherman working the seawalls and piers are taking good numbers of speckled trout and flounder by using live shrimp and small croakers near the old Treasure Island Casino. In fact, if I was feeling like fishing aggressively, this location would be my first choice. Locating large numbers of speckled trout and flounder along the seawalls will require you to change your position several times.

Wade fishing for speckled trout between Biloxi and Gulfport is producing a few big, speckled trout. Yeah, wade fishing is a good workout, but it’s also fun (and for some reason I really like the idea of walking among the fish). DOAs or Voodoo shrimp with a chartreuse tail would be my first choices for baits. I don’t believe in wade fishing with live bait—it seems to ask for problems.

Hopefully, the month of August will bring us some drier weather than what we have been seeing. Much like last year, afternoon rains during the month of July have put a damper on many a fishing trip. As I am an eternal optimist, I keep repeating the mantra, “the rain will stop in August”. Note to my readers: my weather predictions are less-than-perfect. I get rained out. A lot. Still, fishing off piers with your fishing rod in one hand and a cool beverage in the other beats yard work any day. So grab your tackle, load your cooler, bring your chair, and enjoy a day of fishing. Don’t let the bull redfish of August swim away!

I’m Ron, and I’m all about fishing,
Ron the Pirate