Sebastian Inshore: Nov. 2020

Top water plugs fished in shallow backwaters will do the trick on redfish and trout in November. Photo credit: Capt. Gus Brugger.

November is a great month for anglers willing to go with the flow and fish for what the weather conditions dictate. November weather in the Sebastian area can vary from moist, tropical heat to blustery cold fronts with near freezing temperatures. The species list is as varied as the weather in November, so there will be no problem hooking up if you match your target species to the prevailing weather pattern.


Snook numbers will continue to increase in the Sebastian River as water temps fall and the linesiders instinctively work their way into the backwater winter refuges. Tarpon fishing will stay a viable option if it stays warm. Sharp cold fronts, if they occur, will push a variety of species into the Sebastian River, including gator sized seatrout, ladyfish and even pompano.


Even if the weather follows a tropical pattern, the shorter day lengths and lower sun angle of November will allow water temps in the Indian River Lagoon to get into the 70s and cold fronts will push them into the 60s. This range is perfect for all the native lagoon species and will also usher in the appearance of bluefish, flounder, and pompano. The high-water levels normally associated with the fall season will allow anglers access to backwater mudflats where redfish, seatrout and snook like to ambush baitfish along the mangroves. Top water plugs, D.O.A. jerk baits, and gold spoons are great choices for open water reds and trout. Fish jigs, small plugs or live shrimp around the spoil islands to keep your rod bent with a mixed bag.


The inlet will continue to yield snook and redfish to live bait anglers both day and night. Pigfish, pinfish, croakers and shrimp are the best baits for inlet snook fishermen. Daytime anglers will find most of the fish along the shorelines and around the jetties. At night most fishermen drift through the center of the A1A Bridge and have consistent success. The big news for November at Sebastian Inlet is the flounder run. Once water temps drop below 70 degrees, anglers can target flounder, some exceeding 10 pounds, throughout Sebastian Inlet.  Live mullet and mud minnows are excellent baits, and jigs will do the trick as well. The narrow section of the inlet west of the A1A Bridge provides a refuge from howling north winds and is also the hot area for flounder.


There will be calm days in the late fall, and when the opportunity arises it is worth a ride out the inlet and up or down the beach. Pelicans diving will give away the location of schools of mullet and greenies, which could and should be shadowed by tarpon, sharks and big jacks. Diving terns are usually associated with schools of glass minnows, a staple of the Spanish mackerel that are passing by on their southerly migration.

FORECAST BY: Capt. Gus Brugger
(772) 360-6787

Capt. Gus came to the Sebastian area in the mid 1980s and has been a full-time guide since 1992. You can reach Capt. Gus at (772) 589-0008 or by email. To learn more visit the Pattern Setter website.