From the Shore: Aug. 2017

August is a great month to catch snook. Photo credit: Chris Sharp.
August is a great month to catch snook. Photo credit: Chris Sharp.

August can be the hottest month of the year. It is also the best time to catch a lot of fish off the beach, with snook being the target species. Big schools can be seen at your feet. They range from from 18 inches to 42 inches. The snook spawn lasts up to mid-September so if you like to catch snook, this is the time to catch a lot of them and anyone can catch them. Simple rules to follow. Fish the beaches near inlets. Fish early morning and a moving tide. Throw baits that look like mullet or greenies, like the live target shad or mullet pattern.

Tarpon will be eating mullet on the beach and these fish will be on the move so get there early and at night. Tarpon love to eat at night so look at bridges where water is moving. The Stuart Causeway holds a lot of big tarpon on the ocean side. If you catch mullet and use a circle hook and throw the bait under the shadow line of the bridge and let it flow pass the light, tarpon will just hang outside the light line. Make sure you have moving water. Tarpon will be sitting in the current just waiting for the bait to come by.

Big permit will be cruising the shoreline near Walton Rocks Beach. You don’t have to cast far. Permit love to feed on patch reef, so look for them all over the near shore reefs where they will be to eat crabs, shrimp, and mullet.

Don’t waste a day not fishing this summer. Get out and catch some fish. Tight lines.

FORECAST BY:  Chris Sharp
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