Indian River Lagoon: Jan 2021

In memory of my wife, Eva, on one of our fishing adventures! Photo credit: Capt. Charlie Conner

2020 is finally over.  It ended sadly for me and I am glad it is finished.

Winter arrived a little early this year and the cold fronts have cooled the water down quite a bit already. January is traditionally a cold month for the Treasure Coast and the weekly fronts will bring a few days of cooling things down for us to deal with. Wearing layers is essential to cope with the temperature swings that can be as much as 40 degrees or more. Plan your fishing according to the weather forecasts and enjoy the fishing.

Pompano, sheepshead, drum and Spanish mackerel are all winter fish that arrive here as the water temps drop.  It’s an awesome time of year!  Fishing channel edges can find these fish lurking for an easy meal. I like jigs in these places for our best results. Bridges and docks will also be great places to target drum, sheepshead and redfish.  Try a D.O.A. shrimp or live bait when fishing these areas.  Don’t forget mangroves for redfish and snook as well.  Spanish mackerel will generally come in with the tides and can be found around the inlet areas.  Small shiny lures work best on them.

Winds will give you another factor to adjust to. Water temperatures can determine where and how you fish. As temps drop, move to deeper water areas for your best opportunities for catching fish. Channel edges are particularly productive in winter. Fish the grass flats for redfish and trout as the sun gets higher in the mornings. D.O.A. Deadly Combos are excellent tools for searching out trout and reds.

You might enjoy one or two days a week that is calmer but expect it to be windy most days. January is typically a windy month and it will continue the tradition if recent weather gives you an insight to the coming month. Using the right ramps can make your day a little easier in dealing with the weather. There are many ramps around the area that allow you to launch depending on wind direction. The river can be rough some days, but you can still fish most days if you plan your trips carefully. It is a great month to fish despite weather conditions that might not be to your liking.

Remember, fishing is not just another hobby, it’s an ADVENTURE!

Hoping for a better 2021. Thanks and good fishing!

FORECAST BY: Capt. Charlie Conner 
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