Stuart Deep Sea: Aug. 2020

The filet tables of August will be maxed out with salty groceries, like this overflowing table of Safari 1 caught snapper and grouper. Photo credit: Safari 1.

The August ocean will roll out an inviting liquid carpet for offshore enthusiasts this month.

Snapper fishing will be the go-to strategy for near coastal “meat hunters” offshore Stuart as many local species of snapper, including lane, vermilion, mangrove (gray), and mutton will be engaged in their yearly spawning period. These snapper and the salty groceries they represent, will populate an expansive swath of Martin County’s reef system from 50 to 180 feet of water, allowing captains and anglers to dial in a daily fishing strategy that best fits individual desires and abilities.

Depths of 55 to 95 feet of water will be the focal point for most snapper fishing and will allow anglers to catch representatives from all four categories of snapper mentioned above.  “Snapper Grand Slams” will be a highly achievable feat during offshore bottom fishing outings this month, as these representatives of the snapper family co-exist at similar reef sites and will fall prey to similar baits and tackle presentations.  All varieties of cut bait, including squid, bonito, sardines, and ballyhoo (to name a few), will result in snapper catching success.  Chicken rigs and single hook, straight leader rigs will suffice for bait delivery options to these tasty bottom dwellers.  Large cut baits and live baits presented at the end of longer (20 to 70 feet) straight leaders will produce a snapper bite from larger representatives of the mutton and mangrove species at these same reef locations. (For local GPS coordinates for Martin County’s Artificial Reef sites, go to

Besides a flavorful selection of snapper as fish targets, anglers will continue to be able to catch and keep grouper this month. Grouper will also be found alongside schools of spawning snapper at these some reef outcroppings, making a bottom fishing strategy for a day’s outing, a highly desirable option.

As in all summer months, fishing teams must maintain a healthy concern for thunderstorm activity and shape their trips accordingly.  So, in August, stock the boat up with plenty of lead and cut bait and target the many species of snapper that inhabit the near shore waters of Martin County.

FORECAST BY: Capt. Rocky Carbia
Safari I
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