Stuart Deep Sea: Sept. 2020

Salty groceries
Barring any close encounters with tropical weather, anglers will be able to stock up on a diverse collection of salty groceries this month, like these colorful reps from aboard the Safari 1. Photo credit: Safari 1.

Tropical preoccupation will be in the forefront of all Floridian’s minds this September as summer transitions to fall and will possess the potential for tropical low-pressure systems to peak this month, posing many possible impacts for near coastal Stuart offshore fishing interests.  Barring any weather systems of this nature, offshore fishing can be business as usual when favorable weather windows allow fishing crews to fish the many reef structures east of the St. Lucie Inlet. Reefs and wrecks that form the bottom contour of our fishing zone are the foundation for saltwater ecosystems and will set the food chain in action as larger fish are attracted to the smaller fish and creatures that magically associate themselves with these structures.  Many species of fish, including snapper and grouper, will be found around the base of these reef sites and can also patrol to the higher profiles along the reef line and “suspend” atop of a particular reef, at mid-level depths in the water column.

Live and dead bait strategies will work in tandem as anglers deploy their spreads at different depths. The key component to bait deployment will be to make sure the baits are deployed extremely near or directly over top of these reef structures.  Fishing around structure is the common thread that runs through all types of successful fishing strategies. Vermilion snapper will continue to be found in good numbers this month and will best be caught using cut bait (especially squid). Mangrove, lane, and mutton snapper will also avail themselves to salty grocery collectors during the days of September.

FORECAST BY: Capt. Rocky Carbia
Safari I
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Mutton snapper
Snapper will continue to be on the salty grocery list this month, like this saweeet mutton collected by Frank Orio aboard the Safari 1. Photo credit: Safari 1.