Stuart Inshore: Sept. 2017

Steve Filippini with a nice snook, fishing live bait with Capt. John Young. Photo credit: Capt. John Young.

A lot of hardcore snook anglers have been waiting for this month to arrive so they can target their favorite species. The bite has been good at all the Treasure Coast bridges at night with two- to one-and-a-half ounce jigs. Fish the last half of the outgoing tide or first of the incoming tide for best bites. A slow steady retrieve just off the bottom is the trick. You will lose jigs, so bring extras. The St. Lucie River will be holding a lot of big snook and cannot resist a live mullet fished under the docks and seawalls. There is no doubt that a big topwater plug zig zagging down the middle of the canals or mangrove points won’t get their attention. Many snook over 40-inches are caught on topwater, so it’s best to switch out the hooks for stronger gauge and to be ready when the opportunity strikes.

Mullet schools are showing up and the tarpon and big jacks will be blasting through the bait fish. Free line a live mullet on the outside schools of bait or drop a big mullet head on the bottom for some action.

In the Indian River, the trout fishing will pick up with the presence of more bait. Big trout love topwater, so work the flats and mangrove shorelines with ‘walk the dog’ style plugs and chuggers.

Redfish are hanging around the older docks and on the flats. Flip the docks with D.O.A. C.A.L. jigs for the redfish; work the area with stealth and move on to the next dock.

Keep the waterways clean and wear your Costa del Mar sunglasses to see the fish.

FORECAST BY: Capt. John Young
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